WATTS -- Winchester Area Temporary Thermal Shelter

Making our Community a Better Home for Everyone.

How it works?

Area faith communities and service organizations host up to 35 adult homeless guests from 7:00PM to 7:00AM for seven nights, beginning on a Monday evening at 7:00 p.m. and concluding on the following Monday morning at 7:00 a.m. A healthy, nutritious dinner and a light breakfast is provided each day.


An Executive Director manages a staff of paid, trained night managers who manage the shelter every night. In addition, each host site and their partners provide a daily team of volunteers (approximately 10-12 people), who  furnish the meals, offer optional evening activities, and spend the night (2 volunteers) and, as needed, assist in transporting guests to county shelter locations.


 Area Faith communities, businesses, and service organizations , along with many benevolent individuals, provide the necessary funding, along with offerings of time, talent, and gifts-in-kind. WATTS lodges and provides meals for about $30 per person, per night.


How you can help? 
Donations can  be made using our secure PayPal account on this site.

Please help shelter the neediest of our neighbors

•  $30.00 shelters 1 guest for 1 night
•  $210.00 shelters 1 guest for 1 week
•  $900.00 shelters 1 guest for 1 month
•  $4200.00 shelters 1 guest for the season



If donating by check send to:  WATTS at P.O. Box 2936, Winchester, VA 22604. Please make checks payable to WATTS.

To volunteer: please fill out volunteer form on this website


Upcoming Events

• Second Annual Food Truck Rodeo – June, 2017

• Valerie Hill Winery Event – July 22, 2017

• What’s Happening in Old Town Winchester – August 4, 2017